Middle School Hands-On Science

for Cyber and Home Schoolers

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Home School and Cyber School Science Workshops

Geared Specifically Towards You!

Cyber schools and home school groups can contact us for custom programs to ensure students get access to hands-on science as part of their education. As an organization, simply provide us a venue and we’ll come to you and handle the rest!

Cyber and Home School students are also invited to visit us in a college lab setting (when sessions are running) for our Complementary Labs programs for High School students.  We have access to labs with our partner colleges and universities which allows us to introduce students who otherwise wouldn't have access to a lab in general, access to college level lab equipment and atmosphere all in one! Students will be introduced to working in a professional laboratory environment with exposure to some of the gear they will come across if they choose to pursue science later in life.