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WE BRING YOU SCIENCE via after school programs, in-house programs, field trips, scout activities, weekend workshops, assemblies, events, and even programs for adults. 

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We bring science to kids with our after school programs. 

Outside The Box Labs is not just another science program.  It is the world's first discovery lab.  A fascinating, engaging, high-energy series of workshops that take an integrative approach to learning.  We are not your basic science club...We are an adventure club that examines the world through the lens of science...the outdoors, sports, health, agriculture, art, music, and well...everything.

Our mission is to help young people grasp the reality of science: Every discovery, innovation, and improvement utilizes elements of science at the core.  We aim to help the next generation understand science in a way that facilitates making connections between concepts and applications so that they will be capable of applying their knowledge in a way that sparks innovation for the future in whatever discipline they choose.  After all knowledge is only powerful, when applied.

Our wide array of programming options provides parents and educators with science education solutions for students at every age and ability level.  Our elementary programming gets kids thinking scientifically from an early age and provides a foundation and knowledge of the scientific method as well as other key concepts. We continue to get students to think critically and solve problems in our middle school programs, where students apply knowledge and use the scientific method to explore the world around them and to build, create, and explain how things work.  For high school students we offer our innovative Complementary Labs program as a supplemental component to the biology and chemistry curriculum for students who lack access to biology and chemistry lab experience in school. 

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When we say "Learn to learn" we mean that our focus is on discovery, understanding and application of concepts. It means that we value experience over memorization and emphasize critical thinking and problem solving. And, of course, we have a lot of fun along the way!

Our approach helps to build confidence and leadership in young people.  As students hone their problem solving skills they develop the ability to tackle any challenge.  With programming available after school for elementary school students, students in middle school and high school students, we aim to get everyone out of the classroom and to get exploring, get moving, get experience, get creative and get outside the box!