Meet The Team


Talman Charters

Talman Charters


Talman holds a degree in Biology and spent nearly a decade at the helm of a successful science education company which he founded.  In 2012 he left his first venture to pursue other interests.  The knowledge and insight he obtained from that startup motivated him to start Outside the Box Labs.

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Lauren Scheurer 

Lead Instructor

Lauren holds a degree in Biology from Penn State University and loves working with kids because of their natural curiosity and fascination with everything the world has to offer.  She loves to get outdoors whenever possible and enjoys everything from a leisurely hike to white water rafting.     


Jacob PanYON


Jake holds a degree in Geo Sciences and has several years of experience leading outdoor excursions and working with scouts and other youth groups. He likes to encourage critical thinking and enjoys working with youth and playing with science gadgets. On his off days he enjoys getting outdoors with friends.



Market Consultant

Chiara is currently enrolled in the public education system and due to her age provides useful insight and ideas to ensure that our services are in line with our target markets interests and goals.  She is also a young entrepreneur.


SARA Mincin


Sara holds degrees in Biology and Psychology and is currently certified to teach Biology, General Science, and Environmental Science.  She worked for several years as a lab manager and adjunct professor in higher education where her fertile imagination cooked up a bunch of ideas that led to her involvement in Outside the Box Labs.


Nik Delahanty


Nik holds a degree in English and Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh.  He is a recently returned Peace Corps Volunteer where he taught English to youth in rural Mongolia where he developed his unique pedagogy and mentored other instructors. Nik pioneered Outer Space themed Summer Camps in Mongolia that combined English language learning with exciting science topics.

Casandra Wagner


Casey has a masters degree in Environmental Science from Slippery Rock. She’s spent the last several years working in a variety of educational programs for children. Her passion for these programs is connected to personal experience she’s had with similar programs inspiring and guiding her academic goals when she was young and she loves the opportunity to provide that experience for the next generation. She enjoys drawing, sewing, making videos, camping, playing with her two cats, going to conventions, and hosting several annual fundraisers to benefit animals in need.     

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