IN-HOUSE field trips

Our in-house field trips are customized to fit your schools needs. Tell us how many days you'd like to have the workshops and we will work within your hours, available rooms, and budget to provide your students with an outstanding science experience.

IN-HOUSE is essentially a workshop day or week at your school.  In-House can Break up your week by Delivering Hands-on Science Experiences to your schools door during the school day.

With budget cuts and the rising costs of transportation many schools are finding it more and more challenging to deliver field trips and experiences to their students that go beyond the traditional day to day course offerings.  An overnight or multi-day field trip can cost schools up to thousands of dollars (most in bus costs alone) that could otherwise be used to provide quality experiences for students. 

With our in-house field trips you cut transportation costs out entirely. 

Yeah, science.


IN-HOUSE utilizes your school, temporarily transforming it into our workshop facility where the students can move from classroom to classroom participating in a series of different experiments and activities. 


Featured Favorite: Maple Tapping on Your School Grounds!

tappin - Copy.jpg

Every year (usually in Feb/March as this is a seasonal event) we offer Maple Syrup tapping IN-HOUSE experiences that your kids can do on school grounds if red maple trees are available. The science behind trees, sap, and syrup making procedure are all covered in this fun DIY lesson. This can be anything from a simple pop in for a science teacher or a whole school maple festival event!

IMG_20190312_133513 - Copy.jpg

We provide all the needed gear and expertise to set your students up to tap those trees and make their own maple syrup old school style. Contact us in January/February to discuss dates and times.