CoST of 5 week program: $75/per student 


After School Elementary Program Topics



Chemicals, Atoms and Molecules

Green, bubbly, dangerous...All answers we hear when we ask students, "What is a chemical?".  The real answer is much more exciting.  We learn how to make new molecules and put chemistry to work for us as we burn, burst, reduce and polymerize our way to a better understanding of how matter works.  



We learn why these little lumps of metal stick to stuff, then we explore different ways to make our own.  

IMG_20190311_180049 (1).jpg


Every wonder why that hermit crab you brought home from the beach last summer didn't live very long in your sandbox?  We get down to why critters live where they do and why some can handle moving to a new environment better than others.  Then we build the ideal environment for one of our animal assistants.  

Remote Controlled Paper Airplanes

Remote Controlled Paper Airplanes


The title sums this one up...We learn how to make things that fly, then we make them, then we make them fly!  But, of course, first we need to understand exactly WHY things are able to fly in the first place...So we do that, also.  

Building Motors

How long did you spend staring at that spinning object at the top of the page?  Probably longer than it takes to build one!  We learn how to convert different types of energy into motion and build several devices that provide usable kinetic energy from simple, household items.  

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Sound waves

Keep it down in there, we are trying to learn!  We get noisy here as we explore sound using scientific equipment and...Guitars.  


Aside from providing us with some cool Halloween decor, skeletons perform some vital functions for the creatures that have them.  We explore what bones do and then attempt to assemble a real skeleton or two.  

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We put a twist on your usual electricity lab experiments to deliver students a truly one-of-a-kind experience exploring energy and electricity.  This is a lab that they will surely never forget!  

Microbes and cells

microscpe edit.jpg

Cells, those itty-bitty building blocks of all living things, are notoriously hard to see...Unless you have a sweet, high-powered microscope!  And, it just so happens that we do...And we want you to use it.  Explore the microscopic world of living things by growing bacteria and fungi and making your own microscope slides.  

Density and bouyancy

This fun-filled workshop investigates the concept of density - How much matter is packed into a given space. Then we utilize this concept to build all sorts of floating contraptions, including hot air balloons!  


Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can change forms and that is exactly what happens when two objects rub together. Via friction, kinetic energy is converted into heat...but by adding a lubricant to the mix, we can reduce friction between objects. Students in this lesson learn how to best lubricate moving surfaces, which ultimately leads to us constructing and riding on our very own, homemade HOVERCRAFT...Yes, really, a HOVERCRAFT!  

surface tension and surfactants


We were going to call this lesson "Bubble Science" but our scientific advisers thought that sounded like too much fun. The point is, we learn how to manipulate the properties of water to create the ultimate bubble! And, yes, it is a lot of fun.  



Some of you may have once owned a crystal garden kit. Well, we are going to show you that you can create your own awesome crystals without the kit. Once you know how crystals form you will discover many ways to make stunning, colorful crystals of your own.   


animal anatomy

Ever wonder what is going on inside your body? What exactly are "Guts" and what are they doing? When you say the pledge of allegiance, is your hand really over your heart? We answer these questions and many more when we study animal anatomy. We even offer students the opportunity to dissect some real animal bodies and figure out what goes on inside (Optional, of course) From the innards of a shark to the eyeball of a cow, embrace your inner surgeon and explore animal anatomy with us!  


acids and bases

Most people have heard of acids. Acids get a bad rap, often characterized as dangerous, caustic chemicals that burn through anything they touch. We break down this myth as we discover how useful acids are to chemists, how they are essential to life on Earth and as we learn about their chemical opposite, a somewhat lesser-known class of compounds known as bases.  

More about our workshops

  • Conform to applicable PA education standards

  • All workshops emphasize creativity, imagination and first-hand experience

  • Students are never required to memorize or listen to lectures

  • NO HOMEWORK! But, we can assure you that your student will want to come home and continue experimenting!

  • Our team of educators has over two decades of experience providing the best after school science experience available

  • No cost to school

  • Real science...Not a magic show

  • Students will be exposed to cutting edge equipment and techniques. This is not something you can do at home!