Outside The Box Labs General Program Terms and Conditions

By submitting the enrollment form for any Outside The Box Labs (OTB Labs) program (workshop, after school programs, summer camps, etc) you agree to the terms and conditions, where applicable, as described herein. 

Student safety and student enjoyment of programming are priorities for OTB Labs’ staff and instructors.  In extreme instances where students are repeatedly disruptive, defiant or behaving in a manner that is unsafe to themselves or others or puts equipment or material at risk of damage or destruction OTB Labs’ instructors and staff reserve the right to remove any student from a program or to suspend participation privileges of any student at their discretion.  In instances where students are removed from programming no refund will be issued. 

In the event of school cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen events, OTB Labs will make every effort to reschedule missed or cancelled meetings or workshops by adding workshops to the end of regularly scheduled programs in the following week(s).  If, however the host school or organization is unable to accommodate additional meetings or make up sessions or unable to provide space for such sessions to take place then the program will conclude as scheduled without cancelled sessions being made up or refunded. 

Participants in OTB Labs’ programs may have photos or video of them used for promotional or training purposes or as part of participation in the take-it-further distance experimenting series.  Participants may opt-out of having this media used by either contacting OTB Labs by phone or email or by having an image use form on file with the host school or organization that explicitly prohibits use of images of that student.  Any student images/recordings collected and used inadvertently in violation of a previous media release prohibition will be removed as soon as possible upon OTB Labs’ being notified of the violation. 

In reference to school dismissals, dismissals of students will take place in accordance with school dismissal policies.  OTB Labs’ staff and instructors will remain present with and responsible for all students until they have been released to a parent/guardian or other specified caretaker.  For dismissal for all programs in general, all students are expected to be picked up within five (5) minutes of the specified end time of a meeting, workshop, camp, etc.  In the event that a student(s) is not picked up or released to a parent/guardian or specified caretaker within the five (5) minute timeframe a caretaking fee of $1 per minute additional will be assessed to the parent/guardian or specified caretaker.  IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY THAT WILL RESULT IN THE LATE ARRIVAL OF THE PARENT/GUARDIAN OR SPECIFIED CARETAKER THE PARTY CLAIMING THE STUDENT SHOULD CALL 412.480.8318 TO NOTIFY OTB Labs’ STAFF OF THE SITUATION AND THE FEE WILL BE WAIVED.  This policy is not intended to punish families for emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, but, rather to deter people from using OTB Labs’ as an extended daycare service. 

Any students/campers that need medication administered during class or camp will need to contact us to receive and complete a specific medical form for this purpose.

In the unlikely event of a medical emergency OTB Labs’ staff and instructors are granted the discretion to make decisions regarding administration of first-aid or other emergency medical attention. 

Students enrolled in after-school programming may only attend programs at the school in which they are currently enrolled.  No student will be admitted to any program without a complete and current registration form, either digital or paper, having been submitted prior through either OutsideTheBoxLabs.Com, the school office or other approved third party, such as but not limited to a PTO or PTG. 

All students and parents/guardians and caretakers are expected to abide by rules and regulations of host school or organization at all times during programming and while on site.