Take It Further: DIY at Home

whether you have been through some of our programs or not here are some ways to take what you've learned further at home. 

Make sure to have an adult around for safety!

Take It Further! COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES FOR THOSE WHO PARTICIPATE IN OUR elementary after school programs:

  • Just like we did in class you can use a paperclip for your compass if you'd like. You can also use a sewing needle or experiment with something else. You will need something that floats to lay your compass on in the water.

  • In class we used a piece of styrofoam but you can use cork, or even a leaf from outside...anything that floats on water will do! If you were in a true survival situation you would have to find north first by testing your magnet as the above video mentions. Make a few and find out which one works best!

Disease spread (epidemiology)

Ever wonder how disease spreads?  Have you ever been interested in how we determine the spread of an outbreak and help prevent it from getting worse?

Try your hand at solving one yourself by reading these instructions and viewing photo results to map out your own key of the spread!



  • The ice cream directions come from a cool science based recipe where you can definitely learn about the process in more detail than when you do it in our brief program. This is a great way to take it further and experiment with different ingredients and techniques to see what you can come up with! If you want to, you can take a video and send it to use and we might just post it on our FB page or website!

  • You can get dry ice at Graeter's for a couple bucks/lb or very large quantities at Kelly's Dry Ice Co. for around $20/25 lb bag.

  • The thermometer in the blog is optional as you can just take your chances and mix it up without monitoring the temp and see what you get! If you'd like the precision, you can purchase a food thermometer on Amazon for around $10.